Monday Motivation – Mondays can be refreshing but they can also be a little lacking. Monday Motivation aims to brighten your day and help you start the week off right!

The Book Nook – Reading is one of our favorite hobbies. We encourage our children to develop a love of reading as well, through example and by spending time reading with them. Every Tuesday, we share 5 of our favorites.

Pinterest Projects – Pinterest is addicting. Anyone who has every used it would admit to that. It is also full of AMAZING ideas. When we feel particularly inspired, we chose projects from our boards and attempt to recreate them (or modify them to suit our needs) and share the results with you.

Toddler Playtime – The Monkey is very bright and even more active. She constantly keeps us on our toes and keeps us searching for new activities that encourage her development. Here, we share what has worked for us.

Busy Bags – Our family spends a lot of time away from home and busy bags are a great way to keep The Monkey entertained during our outings. We are constantly searching for new ideas and ways to keep her entertained while we are out. There are so many great ideas out there for us to test out and share.

Family Fun – We love doing things together as a family and want to share some of the fun and some of our great (random) ideas!

Links With Love – We LOVE searching for new ideas and new projects. It always inspires us to create exciting, new things. We choose to share some of our favorites with you to help inspire you to create and to provide the inspiration behind some of our projects.

Sneak Peek – We have a long list of ideas for new creations and are constantly working behind the scenes to bring these ideas to life. Hubby’s Sneak Peek shares some of the sketching that goes into the patterns we design.

Quiet Books – One of our favorite things to design and create, these quiet book pages provide The Monkey with hours of fun and learning. We enjoy creating (and modifying) other people’s ideas as well as designing our original felt masterpieces.

Reader Requests – We are always up for a challenge and we love to hear from our readers. We will attempt most designs sent our way. Check out our Custom Creation Challenge for more information.

Just For Fun – As the name implies, these tidbits are random things we find around the internet that we want to share, mostly for the laughs.

Ink Inspirations РHubby loves writing and doodling. Here he shares his creative writing complete with his original illustrations for your enjoyment. (He also loves praise so leave him some comments to let him know what you think of his work and encourage him to continue writing!)

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