Custom Orders

Tired of always calling into the local radio station to request your favorite song only to have your hopes and dreams dashed upon the ground when it isn’t played? Not here! This page, unlike your local radio station, loves to do requests and custom works.

There are a few different ways you can make a request…

1. Have you seen someone else’s creation, but have no idea how they did it and can’t (or don’t have the time to) recreate it yourself? Fill out the form below with a link to the pattern, design, creation, idea, etc. or send a picture of the image to us via e-mail at and we will discuss the project with you.

2. Do you have amazing ideas but lack the time or creative gene to help bring your projects to life? Send us a detailed description or sketch of what you would like to have created, either by email at or through the form at the bottom of this page. You can either request a custom pattern (sent to you as a PDF) or request us to build, draw, sew, or otherwise create your  idea and receive your custom creation by mail!

We check our email frequently and will respond ASAP with comments or questions about your request and further instructions on how to continue the order process.

[NOTE: The form below will send us an email, not post a public comment!]

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