Mini Snowman Softie {Tutorial + Free Pattern}

Mini Snowman Softie {Tutorial + Free Pattern}

I designed this miniature snowman softie as part of the Sew a Softie for Christmas series held by Trixi over at Coloured Buttons. To see more of the tutorials check out the hashtag #SASXMAS over on Instagram.


This little snowman makes a perfect stocking stuffer or add a loop of ribbon and turn it into an ornament for the tree!

snowman-softie-free-pattern-and-tutorial-8-felt-with-love-designsPlease note: This post includes affiliate links, as indicated by an asterisk.*

Now, to make your own snowman softie…

You will need:

  • pattern
  • scraps of felt (white, orange, and pink)
  • a small amount of stuffing
  • safety eyes* (optional)
  • hand sewing needle
  • thread
  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • Freezer paper* (Optional – Check out this tutorial if you’ve never used freezer paper before)

Before you begin, choose which version of the snowman you would like to sew. I sewed my snowman with separate arms but included a simpler version with the arms and body as one piece. If you choose to sew the snowman with arms attached, cut that body instead, do not cut separate arms, and skip step 5 below.

Sew your snowman softie:

  1. Sew the carrot nose on one of two snowman body pieces (I added a couple curved lines across the carrot to make it look more “realistic”)
  2. Add two safety eyes above the carrot nose for the snowman’s eyes and three safety eyes in a line for the coal “buttons”
  3. Embroider a smile below the carrot nosesnowman-softie-free-pattern-and-tutorial-1-felt-with-love-designs
  4. Sew the heart on the back snowman body piece snowman-softie-free-pattern-and-tutorial-2-felt-with-love-designs
  5. Sew the two left arm pieces together using a blanket stitch. Leave the flat edge open and stuff lightly. Repeat for the right armsnowman-softie-free-pattern-and-tutorial-3-felt-with-love-designs
  6. Line up the embellished front of the snowman with the back of the snowman, wrong sides together, and sandwich the arm pieces between the layers, just below the “neck” on either side of the snowman’s head
  7. Starting at the bottom right, sew all the way around the snowman. Take extra care to be sure to secure the arms in the stitching. Leave the bottom open and lightly stuff the snowman 
  8. Sew the bottom closedsnowman-softie-free-pattern-and-tutorial-4-felt-with-love-designs
  9. Cut a few 1/4″ long slits in both ends of the scarf piece snowman-softie-free-pattern-and-tutorial-5-felt-with-love-designs
  10. Wrap the scarf around the snowman’s neck and gently tie in front
  11. Optional: sew a couple hidden stitches to secure the scarf in place


My daughter has now informed me that I need to make mini reindeer to give to all her friends for Christmas. According to her, my snowman is cute but a reindeer would be better.