Felt 3D Puzzle Animals Tester Photos

Felt 3D Puzzle Animals Tester Photos

Our Felt 3D Puzzle Animals have been a huge hit! I just love seeing all the creative ways people apply a pattern.

Felt 3D Puzzle Animals - Testers Photos - Felt With Love Designs

I never thought to use patterned felt with these animals until I saw some of my awesome tester’s photos. And, I saw another set sewn with little additional details that I thought were just adorable.

Havalah from Sisters What sewed this awesome set:

Havalah-animalsonparade copy Havalah-animalsonparaderALLIGATOR'' copy Havalah-animalsonparaderhino copy

Kelly used pinking shears to clip the edges for a more textured look

Kelly-13001123_10153976776027597_6499158569007928189_n-2 copy Kelly-13051522_10153992597537597_3426523487760373454_n copy

Lauren used some bright, fun colors for her set of animals

Lauren-13040852_10154088669477790_6644055066895762602_o copy Lauren-13047665_10154088669252790_4543105319651965800_o copy

I love the grey pattern Phoebe chose for her elephant

Phoebe - elephant - felt puzzle animals Phoebe - giraffe - felt puzzle animals Phoebe - basket of felt puzzle animals

Rachel used a lot of fun patterned felt in her set of puzzle animals

Rachel-alligator and giraffe -felt puzzle animals Rachel-elephant - felt puzzle animals Rachel-play - felt puzzle animals Rachel-rhino and octopus - felt puzzle animals

I love Tiffany’s color combos for her felt puzzle animal set

Tiffany-all - felt puzzle animals Tiffany-alligator - felt puzzle animals Tiffany-elephant - felt puzzle animals Tiffany-giraffe - felt puzzle animals Tiffany-lion - felt puzzle animals Tiffany-octopus - felt puzzle animals Tiffany-rhino - felt puzzle animals Tiffany-turtle - felt puzzle animals Tiffany-turtle2 - felt puzzle animals Tiffany-unicorn - felt puzzle animals

And, Jo Ellen was not one of my testers but I just have to share these photos she emailed Jen of One Thimble. She adapted the unicorn to be a zebra and added some super fun details to several of the animals!

Jo Ellen - all - felt puzzle animals Jo Ellen - giraffe - felt puzzle animals.jpg Jo Ellen - lion - felt puzzle animals.jpg Jo Ellen - zebra - felt puzzle animals.jpg

You can find more of our patterns in action over at our Pinterest board or check out the hashtag #feltpuzzleanimals on Instagram.

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