Felt Butterfly Tutorial

Felt Butterfly Tutorial

Today, I am sharing a free pattern for a butterfly softie over at Sew Mama Sew!


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That butterfly is machine-sewn from fleece and super cuddly! Monkey promptly named him “Blackstone” (I have no idea where that came from) to which our friends began joking he is the butterfly assassin.

I love hand sewing and I, obviously, love felt … and Monkey wanted a “girlfriend” for her first butterfly … So, I also sewed a quick felt version of the pattern.

Felt Butterfly Tutorial and Free Pattern - front - Felt With Love Designs

For the most part, the steps are pretty similar.

Head over to Sew Mama Sew for the list of supplies (just replace fleece scraps with felt scraps) and to download the free pattern and then pop back below for the felt/hand-sewn tutorial.


  1. Cut two wings and two body pieces from felt [Note: The pattern does not include a seam allowance. When cutting the pieces, you will want to cut along the lines. Do not add a seam allowance.]
  2. With WRONG sides together, blanket stitch all the way around the wings.
  3. Optionally, top stitch a fun pattern in the wings. I chose spirals in the top half and a curvy line in the bottom half. (I embroidered the same design that I used for the fleece butterfly.) Felt Butterfly Tutorial and Free Pattern - wings - Felt With Love Designs
  4. Optional – Add eyes and a smile to the front body piece
  5. With WRONG sides together, blanket stitch the two body pieces together, leaving a small gap to stuff.
  6. Stuff the body then, ladder-stitch the hole shut. Felt Butterfly Tutorial and Free Pattern - body - Felt With Love Designs
  7. Sew the wings to the body piece. Same as the fleece butterfly, I chose to use two lines of ladder stitch about a half inch apart, centered along the back.

Felt Butterfly Tutorial and Free Pattern - back - Felt With Love Designs Felt Butterfly Tutorial and Free Pattern - front - Felt With Love Designs

I dyed some felt for the wings of this butterfly in an attempt to create a watercolor effect … similar to my previous efforts. If you are interested in reading more about my experiments, I have an article coming up in issue 12 of One Thimble e-zine* documenting my trials. Be sure you are on the Felt With Love Designs email list to be notified when you can pick this issue up!