The Secret to Cutting Perfect Felt Shapes

The Secret to Cutting Perfect Felt Shapes

Would you like quick, perfect shapes every time you cut felt for your projects?

The secret to cutting felt perfectly every time lies in one product:

Freezer Paper*

This stuff is seriously amazing. Not only do I use it for all of my felt projects but it’s also great for cutting perfect appliqués using most other fabrics.

I print all of my patterns directly onto the freezer paper before I begin. If you are using the freezer paper on a roll, first cut the freezer paper into 8.5″ x 11″ sheets. (I just found this freezer paper*, already cut into sheets, although it’s much more expensive than the stuff that comes in the roll.)  Once you have the right size sheets, you can insert them in your printer the same way you would insert regular paper.

If you do not own a printer or do not want to deal with cutting the sheets to fit your printer, you can also trace your pattern directly on the freezer paper. Freezer paper is see-through enough to lay over the pattern and trace.

Freezer Paper is the Secret to Cutting Perfect Felt Shapes - Outline

After the pattern has been transferred to the paper, cut roughly around the edges.

Iron the freezer paper to the felt (or other fabric.)

Freezer Paper is the Secret to Cutting Perfect Felt Shapes - ironed

Cut along the pattern lines.

Peel off the paper.

You are left with a perfect cut!

A few things to note:

  • Be careful when using an iron with acrylic felts. If the iron is left in one place too long, the felt will begin to melt.
  • No need to cut multiple pattern pieces for the same shape. Freezer paper can be reused! (Each piece sticks four or five times.)
  • You can also use freezer paper as a guide for sewing tricky shapes! Cut along the pattern line before ironing onto the fabric and cut the seam allowance around the outside. Leave the freezer paper attached and sew around the edges for a precise sewing guide.

Freezer Paper is the Secret to Cutting Perfect Felt Shapes - seam allowance

Have you experimented with freezer paper? I would love to hear about your experiences. Do you have any tips for creating perfect felt shapes every time? Please share your tips and tricks in the comments below or on the Felt With Love Designs Facebook page!