Zebra Finger Puppet Free Pattern and Tutorial

Zebra Finger Puppet Free Pattern and Tutorial

As I promised yesterday, I have a quick tutorial for sewing your own zebra finger puppet. We designed him to go along with our second Animal Trackers Club box.

Zebra Finger Puppet Free Pattern and Tutorial  {Felt With Love Designs}

To make your own zebra finger puppet, you will need:

  • The Pattern
  • Felt (zebra print, black, and pink)
  • thread to match felt
  • needle
  • scissors

Zebra Finger Puppet Full 2 - Felt With Love Designs

  1. Cut all of the pieces from felt.
  2. Position the black eyes and muzzle on the front body piece and stitch in place, using black thread.
  3. Using white thread, add a “sparkle” to each eye, then nostrils and a mouth to the muzzle.
  4. Fold the black mane piece in half and stitch to the top of the front body piece.Zebra Finger Puppet Muzzle - Felt With Love Designs
  5. Using pink thread, stitch pink inner ear to the front of each ear piece. Zebra Finger Puppet Ear Start - Felt With Love Designs
  6. Stitch the front ear pieces to their back counterparts (I used a blanket stitch.) Zebra Finger Puppet Ears Finished - Felt With Love Designs
  7. Stitch one ear to the left of the mane and one ear to the right of the mane, at the top of the front body piece. Zebra Finger Puppet Ear Attached - Felt With Love Designs
  8. Match up the front body piece and the back body piece and stitch together using a blanket stitch, leaving bottom open (I also go back and stitch just the front edge of the opening with a blanket stitch to reinforce it but that is totally optional.)

Zebra Finger Puppet Full - Felt With Love Designs

Now you have a zebra finger puppet to play with!!

Zebra Finger Puppet Playing - Felt With Love Designs

As you can see from my ecstatic little Monkey, this zebra finger puppet is the perfect compliment to the creative play encouraged in our Animal Trackers subscription!

Animal Trackers Review 14 Zebra Mask and Puppet - Felt With Love Designs.jpg

We need your help!! Zebra finger puppet needs a name! Leave your suggestions in the comments below!

I cannot believe it’s almost September already. Too early to start the Halloween countdown? :)