DIY Recycled T-Shirt Dog Toys

DIY Recycled T-Shirt Dog Toys

I am always looking for ways to recycle things so when I saw this idea for making dog toys from old t-shirts, I knew I needed to try it!

DIY No-Sew Recycled T-Shirt Dog Toys {Felt With Love Designs}

We seem to have a constant supply of old, ratty t-shirts around here so I had plenty to work with!

Recycled Dog Toys - Shirt Pile

You can get several toys from one t-shirt but it’s fun to have several shirts so you can mix up the colors.

Recycled Dog Toys - Leo 1

To make your own dog toys:

  1. Cut t-shirts into strips (2-4″ wide, depending on the thickness of your t-shirt fabric)
  2. Choose 3 strips (I made some with all the same color and some with 3 different colors)
  3. Knot one end, leaving an inch or so at the top Recycled Dog Toys - Knot
  4. Braid
  5. Knot the end an inch (or more) from the bottom Recycled Dog Toys - Finished
  6. Repeat for remaining strips of fabric

These dog toys are easy to make and Leo approved!

Recycled Dog Toys - Leo 2

I ended up with an entire paper bag full of toys so we plan to take a trip down to the local humane society this week to donate the bag of toys. Any excuse to play with some sweet puppies!

Since making these, I have seen a few other great examples. Be sure to check them out as well for their own unique spin.

What are your favorite recycling crafts? I would love some more ideas! I have a Pinterest board filled with ideas for recycling crafts I want to try. Let me know what else I should add to the board!