Links With Love: DIY Jewelry for Kids

Links With Love: DIY Jewelry for Kids

Feeling inspired after making Monkey a bracelet for the 4th of July, I threw together a list of a few more DIY jewelry tutorials for little ones.

Stay tuned for more updates. We will be tackling several of these projects this summer!

Links With Love - The Ultimate Guide to DIY Kid's Jewelry - Felt With Love Designs

Monkey has a giant box of pony beads that she loves to play with, string, and scatter across our living room. Pony beads are great for teaching fine motor skills but she likes real jewelry. I don’t know where she developed this interest as I don’t wear jewelry often.

After browsing Pinterest for awhile, I came up with some fun alternatives to pony beads while still creating interesting and pretty jewelry for kids!

Tube Bracelets

Monkey saw some of these at the store the other day and they were outrageously over-priced. I saw these on Pinterest that same week and promised we would make a few.

  • A Pumpkin and a Princess – Monkey and I both LOVE the colors she chose for this set of bracelets. I think we have the same set of glitter here. As our first attempt at making tube bracelets, we will recreate these exactly.

  • Babble Dabble Do – I really love how she incorporates science into fashion with this bracelet activity. Seed beads would probably work well inside these tubes in addition to perler beads. The bright rainbow bracelet (2nd photo below) would match Monkey’s crown really well!

  • Meijo’s Joy – What a unique look! These tubes are filled with yarn and cooking oil to give off the look of expensive glass bracelets. Now, the question is … do these belong in the tube bracelets category or the yarn jewelry?

String/Yarn/Cord Jewelry

Bracelets and necklaces made from string-like materials are a pretty safe bet. Some of these are so awesome, I want to make some for myself!

  • Let’s Do Something Crafty – When I started looking for toddler-friendly jewelry ideas, this is exactly what I had in mind. Judging from this post, it sounds like Monkey would get along with her daughter quite well.

  • Love U Madly – Wrapped wood bangles can be done so many different ways. She used rainbow rattail but these would be fun with some pretty yarns too.

  • The Purl Bee – I made millions of these when I was younger. I only know a few simple patterns so browsing the internet for more complex designs has opened a whole world of fun! For a chunkier look, these can be made with yarn instead of embroidery thread too.

  • This necklace doesn’t have a tutorial included but looks pretty simple to figure out. It could probably be made from recycled t-shirt scraps as well!

Recycled T-Shirt Jewelry

At the rate clothing becomes stained or gets holes, fabric scraps are never in short supply around here. These are some creative recycling ideas!

  • Brit + Co – These fun necklaces only require ripped up old t-shirts and electrical tape. Since Hubby is an electrician by day, we have more than enough of both lying around. I just used a bunch of old shirts to make dog toys (will be sharing soon!) but I will definitely remember this for the future.

  • Dollar Store Crafts – Another take on the recycled t-shirt jewelry, these use fabric scraps to bind the ends, instead of tape. Monkey loves the bright pink and orange colors.

Paper Jewelry

Simple jewelry you can make from things you probably already have at home.

  • Babble Dabble Do – These bracelets made from crepe paper are adorable (and a great use for the crepe paper left over from parties!)

  • Picklebums – These braided paper bracelets are a great way to recycle children’s artwork. She used some watercolor paintings for a really beautiful effect!

Feeling inspired? I am! Be sure to follow us on Facebook for updates on which of these projects we tackle over the summer!!

For more ideas in the meantime, follow our Jewelry Inspiration board on Pinterest where I am collecting fun jewelry tutorials to try!

If you have any ideas to add to the list, please share them in the comments! Monkey and I are always looking for fun, new projects to do!!


Note: I tried to find kid-safe projects but, as always, supervise your children and know their specific limitations. Monkey doesn’t put things in her mouth so I feel safe doing projects with her that might not be as safe for other children.