Pinterest Projects: Red, White, and Blue Wrap Bracelet

Pinterest Projects: Red, White, and Blue Wrap Bracelet

I came across this bracelet tutorial while browsing Pinterest for 4th of July projects and decided to make one to match Monkey’s dress.

DIY Red, White, and Blue Wrap Bracelet - Felt With Love Designs

I originally planned to make this with my mom, while she was visiting one weekend, but we never got around to it. So, I pulled out the materials during Monkey’s nap time and attempted it myself.

After gathering all my supplies, I got a little side-tracked browsing around the Happy Hour Projects blog. She has SO MANY easy, fun projects! I pinned a ton of simple jewelry projects to try. Monkey LOVES to wear jewelry but most of it breaks easily or is too expensive to give to a toddler. I decided to try making her a few things to add to her growing collection. This girl LOVES jewelry (and shoes.)

modeling 1

This bracelet is simple to make, the supplies are pretty cheap, and the tutorial is super easy to follow!

I finished Monkey’s patriotic bracelet during her nap, with time to spare.

Bracelet Close Up

She loves the finished product and is even more excited that I made it for her. She had a blast watching it sparkle and shine in the sun.

Can I just say … Toddler faces are the best:

Silly Face 1 Silly faces 3 Silly face 2

On a sidenote, I highly recommend the scooter and adorable helmet! They were gifts for Monkey’s third birthday and she uses them all the time! We searched for a long time for a scooter that was sturdy enough for her and reasonably priced enough for us. The Little Tikes Lean to Turn Scooter is PERFECT! (They also have it in blue and green.) Monkey picked out her helmet herself and is always SO excited to wear it! The fun, colorful helmet totally removes the struggle of trying to convince her to wear one!!

For more great DIY jewelry ideas, check out our Jewelry board on Pinterest!

While you’re here, be sure to check out more of the projects I have seen on Pinterest and attempted to recreate! I feel so much more productive actually making some of the beautiful things I pin! If you see something you think I would enjoy, tag us on your pins (@feltwithlovedes) and I might make it for our next Pinterest Projects!!