Quiet Book: Flag-raising (4th of July Part 2)

Quiet Book: Flag-raising (4th of July Part 2)

Our 4th of July Quiet Book Page is now complete! This side contains a flag to raise/lower and a red wagon storage pocket for the fireworks pieces from the right side of the page (build your own fireworks.)

4th of July Fireworks Quiet Book Page and Free Pattern - Felt With Love Designs

This whole page had to be modified from the original sketch. As you can see in the sketch for the right side of the page, the flag was originally going to go on that side. After accounting for the binding, I decided there wouldn’t be enough room for the flag and a workspace for building fireworks. So, we left the flag off that side.

4th of July Quiet Book - Sketch

Hubby drew a BBQ to accompany the wagon on this side of the page but we both wanted to keep the flag so I removed the BBQ. (The pieces for the BBQ are still included in the pattern, if you would like to include it in your page!)

Also, the wagon, itself, was designed to hold all the pieces but I went a little overboard with firework pieces so I needed to make a larger pocket. Instead of enlarging the wagon and throwing off the perspective of the whole page, I mounted the wagon on a 7″ wide by 4″ high black rectangle and made the pocket behind the wagon. My pocket is still pretty stuffed.

To make your own page you will need:

  • The pattern
  • A small toy American flag (detached from the stick)
  • Twine, string, or ribbon for the flagpole “rope” (I braided a couple strands of embroidery thread because I had it near me. Pretty much anything will work.)
  • Felt (black, green, white, gold/yellow, red)
  • Thread to match felt
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Freezer paper (I highly recommend transferring your patterns this way but use whatever method you are most comfortable with.)

To make your own page:

  1. Transfer the pattern to felt using your preferred method
  2. Cut all the pieces
  3. Position the white pole on the left side of the page and sew in place (leave enough room between the left edge of the page and the pole for buttonholes, if you would like to be able to raise/lower your flag.)
  4. Position the gold ball atop the flag pole and sew into place4th of July Quiet Book - Flag Pole
  5. Align the green grass with the bottom of the page and sew top edge to page (the sides and bottom will be sewn into the seam so you don’t need to sew them right now.)
  6. Cut a 7 inch wide by 4 inch tall rectangle (not included in the pattern) from black felt (or the color of your sky, if you chose something other than black.)
  7. Position the body of the wagon and the wagon handle on the rectangle and stitch in place (I used white thread on the handle to make it stand out from the black background.)
  8. Position the white stripes onto the body of the wagon and sew in place.
  9. Position the black tires at the front and back of the wagon and sew in place (I also used white thread here to make them stand out from the back background.)
  10. Place the red center onto the black tires and sew in place. 4th of July Quiet Book - Wheel
  11. Using black thread, blanket stitch across top of the wagon’s rectangle.
  12. Position the rectangle in the corner made by the flag pole and the grass and stitch around the remaining three sides. 4th of July Quiet Book - Wagon
  13. Create buttonholes to the left of the flagpole, between the pole and the left side of the page (I used my sewing machine to create the buttonholes and black thread so they aren’t really visible.)
  14. Sew flag to string (Make sure to check the position of the flag on the string so it will be able to move properly on the page.)
  15. Thread string through buttonholes and tie behind the page. 4th of July Quiet Book - Flag
  16. Optional: Stitch a few stars into the night sky (I used pink and blue because they were already threaded on the needles in front of me.)

4th of July Quiet Book - Pocket 4th of July Quiet Book - Full Crop

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