Quiet Book: Build Your Own Fireworks For the 4th of July

Quiet Book: Build Your Own Fireworks For the 4th of July

We have not found a single free pattern for a 4th of July quiet book page so, Hubby and I designed a quiet book page we thought would be fun and easily adaptable to a range of ages.

We are now on a mission to create a quiet book page for every major holiday!

Build your own fireworks 4th of July quiet book page and free pattern - Felt With Love Designs

This half of the page is a blank sky for building your own fireworks. We decided against snaps or magnets in order to make the page fully customizable. I did stitch on a few small stars to serve as starting points for some fireworks but they can really be built anywhere on the page.

4th Quiet Book Right

Hubby’s original design (pencil sketch shown above) included the flag on this side of the page but the flag I am using takes up too much of the play area so I am switching it to the left side.

To make your own page you will need:

  • The pattern
  • Felt (black for the sky/background and a variety of colors for the firework pieces – I used white, bright pink, orange, yellow, green, purple, and blue)
  • Thread to match felt
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Freezer paper (I highly recommend transferring your patterns this way but use whatever method you are most comfortable with.)

The page itself is really simple to recreate. I opted to use the sewing machine to sew the firework pieces because I always have a hard time keeping sharp corners pointy when hand sewing. For these pieces,  I felt it important to maintain the point at the tip of each piece.

To create the page, stitch simple stars (I did planned to do one in each of the firework colors and apparently forgot purple) onto the black background page, leaving 3″ on the left side (for the margin.)

To create the firework pieces:

  1. Fold a sheet of felt in half and pin around the edges.
  2. Transfer the pattern to felt using your preferred method (let me know if you would like more info on the easiest way to do this and I will write up a tutorial!) Make sure to leave enough spacing between pattern pieces to cut around them, you will not be cutting on the black lines.Fireworks Pattern Ironed On
  3. BEFORE cutting out the pieces, sew (I used the sewing machine) around the edges of the pattern, creating  enclosed shapes. Fireworks Pattern Sewn
  4. Remove the pattern and cut out the shapes, just outside the stitched lines.

I created a whole set of each color and ended up with this pile of pieces

Fireworks Pile of Pieces

I wanted to have enough pieces to create endless combinations. You can break up the pattern and sew as many/few of whatever colors you want. I was initially going to use red, white, and blue but Hubby told me bright colors would be more fun. After playing with it, I guess I agree.

Fireworks Full Page Fireworks Pink White and Blue Fireworks Single

The left portion of the page will include a flag so it is more patriotic.

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As always, we would love to hear from you! If you used our quiet book pattern to create something, please share! We are really excited to see what other people create from our design and will feature you in our reader gallery!

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