Month in Review: May Projects

Month in Review: May Projects

May was a really busy month in our household. We celebrated several family birthdays, celebrated Mother’s Day, and the whole family caught the flu but we still managed to squeeze in time for some fun projects!

Let’s take a look back at all the things we made!

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Easter Egg Hunt Quiet Book Page

I meant to finish this before Easter but life got in the way so it didn’t get finished/posted until May. I am really proud of myself for finishing it anyway and not saving it to finish next year (like our Halloween Quiet Book page from last year!!)

Monkey and His Blankie

This was, by far, our most popular project of the month! We made this guy as a gift for a friend and had such a fun time with it. He inspired us to create a few more animals. Can’t wait to get started on them!

Owie Owl Ice Pack

I stitched this little owl together pretty quickly one afternoon to send to my mom as a “get well soon” gift. It makes me feel SO productive when I actually create something I repinned on Pinterest. I love how it came out and need to get around to making a couple for our house as well!

Basketball Birthday Crown

We made this for a birthday gift. I ended up simplifying the design because we all caught the flu when I was trying to get it finished but I still love how it came out. It was a fun, quick project.

“Old Fart” Birthday Crown

Hubby designed this one as a joke for our uncle’s birthday. So much fun!

Fabric Keychain

Another gift I made for my mom, this one for Mother’s day. I love how it turned out too. I think I will be making another for myself in a different fabric.

In addition to all our projects we also shared quite a few more of Hubby’s hand-drawn coloring pages! Be sure to download some of those for your little ones to color, while you’re here.

May Review Coloring PagesBe sure to follow along (check out our social media links in the sidebar!) so you don’t miss any of the fun projects we have coming up in June!! Check back in a few days for a sneak peek into Hubby’s sketchbook of upcoming projects!

What projects are you working on? We would love to see them and hear from you! Visit us on Facebook or share some links below!