Links With Love: The Ultimate Round-up of Summer Sewing Projects

Links With Love: The Ultimate Round-up of Summer Sewing Projects

Summer is quickly sneaking up on us! I just realized it’s almost JUNE!! Where has the year gone?!

To help you prepare for a summer of fun, I put together a list of all my favorite beachy/outdoor/pool/summery sewing projects. Almost all come complete with free patterns or tutorials!

Links With Love - Ultimate Round-up of Summer Sewing Projects - Felt With Love Designs

[I labeled each link so you can easily see which include free patterns and which are tutorials. Enjoy!]


  • Rainbow Beach Blanket With Sand Pockets – There are so many great ideas on this list but this one might be my favorite. Not only is this blanket visually stunning, it solves a huge problem. Who hasn’t been to the beach and had to figure out how to hold down their blanket/towel to keep it from blowing away? I definitely want to make one of these this year (probably true of most things on this list.) You need to click over to Alida Makes and check out the rest of the photos!! [Excellent tutorial]

  •  Picnic Playmat – This is so cute. Great idea to keep a baby entertained while enjoying your picnic! The copycat version of this playmat has some more ideas for play squares. I love the inclusion of various textured fabrics for more sensory play. [Neither has a pattern but both have tutorials/detailed descriptions.]

  • Portable Beach Towel – This is a great idea! I love that the towel has its own handles so you don’t have to waster precious bag-space. The project says easy/beginner too! [Downloadable instructions]

  • Reversible Beach Mat – Similar to the towel above, this mat rolls up with attached ties to easily store/carry. [Downloadable instructions]


  • Swim Bag/Matching Towel – I love this idea for making a bag out of a towel so everyone can carry their own pool stuff. Three beach towels makes two complete sets. So much cheaper than the bag/towel sets you see in the store! Click over to The Idea Room for more pictures. [Excellent tutorial!]

  • Drawstring Backpack/Matching Towel – This is a backpack version of the above bag. Another great idea! Again, click over to The Idea Room for more pictures. [Excellent tutorial!]

  • Summer Reading Sack – A simple drawstring backpack with outside pockets included for gum, a pencil, and a reading log. Great for vacations, beach reading, and road trips! [Another excellent tutorial!]

  • HUGE Beach Bag – This beach bag is designed to hold everything you will need to head to the pool or beach. Check out her pictures, it’s even big enough to hold her five-year-old. Haha! [Free pattern and tutorial.]

  • Beach Bound Straw Tote – Exactly what you think of when you think “summer tote.” I love the starfish detail and the coordinating fabric at the top. So cute! [Downloadable instructions]

  • Mesh Pool Toy Duffle – I seriously need to make one of these! This bag is perfect not only for hauling pool toys but also for hanging up outside while the pool toys dry and for storing the toys. [Excellent tutorial]

  • Poolside Purse – Made from laminated cotton, this bag is perfect for carrying essentials poolside. It’s big enough to carry several towels with enough pockets for all the small essentials. [Excellent tutorial]

  • Let’s Go To The Park Bag – As the name implies, this bag is great for all the outdoor trips summer entails! It has LOTS of inner pockets to organize all the necessities plus an outer pocket for keys/cellphone and it’s HUGE. Love it! [Perfectly detailed tutorial]

  • DIY Beach Bag – This bag is a really quick project perfect for the essentials. [Super simple tutorial]

Carseat Coolers:

  • DIY Carseat Cooler – I haven’t made one of these yet but I keep saying I am going to. This one is sized for rubbermaid ice packs. [Free Pattern]

  • Carseat Cooler – This one looks a little bigger. I love the green fabric too! It’s sized for the plastic “ice blocks.” [Tutorial!]

  • Carseat Cooler – Another example similar to the one above. Also uses the plastic ice packs. [No tutorial/pattern. Just included for reference – and I love the fabric :)]


  • Reversible Toddler Bucket Hat – So, so cute and SO much cheaper than some of the store bought versions. When did hats get so expensive?! The size for the pattern included is 2t/3t but it shouldn’t be hard to adjust for bigger heads. [Free pattern and great tutorial]

  • Adult Hat – This is a perfect, huge hat to protect you from the sun. I like the colors she chose too! [Link to free pattern]

  • Reversible Hat – Love this one too. It has sizing for everyone. Love the colors they chose for their version too! [Free patterns and tutorial]


  • Bike Bucket – I had something similar when I was younger. I am absolutely going to make one of these for Monkey’s scooter. So, so cute! She loves carrying around her stuffies and little trinkets so this is perfect! [Free pattern and detailed tutorial]

  • DIY Picnic Utensil Organizer – Food always tastes better when you eat outside! Picnics are my favorite. Now that the weather’s nice again and school’s almost out, we will be doing a lot more. I love these organizers made from cloth napkins. Now I just need a picnic basket like hers! [Easy to follow tutorial]

  • Reusable Snack Sack – These aren’t really Summer-specific but they would also be great for picnics. They are also perfect for taking snacks to the beach or to various sporting activities! We use a lot of tupperware instead of plastic baggies but tupperware is not always space-friendly. I am going to make a few of these for our family too! [Another easy to follow tutorial!]


  • Ways to Use a Beach Towel – This round-up has a couple cute swimsuit cover-ups and a couple cute bags. Head over to her site for the links!

  • There are millions of free patterns online for summer clothes so I’m not going to even attempt to list them all here. I collect my favorite free patterns on my Pinterest Sewing board (mostly kid’s clothes.) I just found the BEST board for free patterns with a lot of summer clothes patterns. They are attempting to have the most extensive collection (1700+) of free patterns so I definitely recommend following that one too.

I can’t wait to get started on some of these fun projects! What about you? What do you have planned to make or what have you already made for summer?

The internet is full of amazing ideas, if you see something you think should be added to this list or if you have made something yourself that you would like added, leave me a link and I will update the list! I LOVE seeing all your fun projects as well!!

Hope you have a great weekend!!