Quiet Book: Easter Page 2 of 2

Quiet Book: Easter Page 2 of 2

[NOTE: If you haven’t already, you can read part one here.]

I promised to finish the other half of our Easter quiet book page and here it is! Just in time for…Next year! Combine this with some Easter finger puppets for the perfect Easter gift!

Easter Egg Hunt Quiet Book Page Free Pattern - Felt With Love Designs

I put the two pages together to photograph them and was barely able to capture anything before Monkey snatched the pages and played for awhile. Watching the excitement on her face totally made up for the fact this took me so long to finish!

Easter Egg Hunt Quiet Book Page - Monkey Playing Eggs Easter Egg Hunt Quiet Book Page - Monkey Playing

Hubby drew this page as the right hand side of a two page spread. The left half of the design is an Easter basket, meant for storage of the small pieces (the eggs) and for further imaginative play. This side is an Easter egg hunt. There are 9 pockets throughout the page in which to hide eggs.

Easter Egg Hunt Quiet Book Page - Full With Eggs

I think this page translated the best (out of the pages I have completed so far) from paper to felt. I love all the little details but I think the treehouse is my favorite part. The different layers of felt that went into sewing it, make it a little poofy and more 3-D.

Easter Egg Hunt Quiet Book Page - Treehouse

To make your own page you will need:

  • The pattern (and instructions for part one)
  • Felt (full sheet of green for the background plus a little more for the tree/bushes, blue, grey, black, bright pink, yellow, red, sand,  and two shades of brown)
  • Thread to match felt
  • Needle
  • Scissors (These are my favorite, I HIGHLY recommend a pair for cutting smaller pieces of felt.)
  • Felt glue (if you choose to tack down pieces before sewing)
  • Freezer paper (I highly recommend transferring your patterns this way but use whatever method you are most comfortable with.)

[I have been asked, repeatedly, for more specifics about my favorite crafting supplies so I put together a list for you. You can find it here. I will be adding to the list as I have the time. Please comment or email me with any questions.]

  1. Transfer the pattern to felt using your preferred method (let me know if you would like more info on the easiest way to do this and I will write up a tutorial!)
  2. Cut all the pieces
  3. Align sky piece with top right corner of page and tack down (I did a couple small stitches along the bottom of the piece. The fence will cover the stitches so no need to be perfect.)
  4. Align fence piece covering horizon where sky meets grass and stitch down using rows of horizontal running stitch to give the appearance of a fence
  5. Align top of tree piece (light brown) with top of page, slightly off-center to the right and pin in place
  6. To create pockets “behind” the tree on either side, blanket stitch up either side of the tree piece a little less than an inch and then sew the rest of the tree all the way through the background. This leaves the trunk of the tree unstitched.
  7. Sew the steps (dark brown) onto the trunk of the tree (sew all the way through the background to prevent the pocket from going through side to side)
  8. Stitch the planks of wood (aligned vertically) onto the front treehouse piece, using a running stitch, and cut holes for the window/door. (The planks are numbered L – left – and F – front, with the numbers moving from left to right. I overlapped randomly to give the appearance of haphazard placement.)
  9. Line up the black treehouse background onto the tree, then the brown treehouse piece (with windows and doors cut out) on top and sew to page. (I used another running stitch here, along the outside of the treehouse, and lined it up with the previous running stitch, to give the appearance of a backstitch.)
  10. Sew on the left tree branch (coming out of the side of the treehouse) and the top of the tree (the leaves)
  11. Stitch green grass onto the bottom of the tree trunk.
  12. To create the bushes, stitch together the three bush pieces, then stitch the bottom of the bushes to the page, followed by a few stitches up the side (leave the top open to create a pocket)
  13. To create the doghouse, stitch the pieces to the back, black piece in order left piece, front piece, then roof. Stitch bottom and sides to page but not the top (leave top open to create pocket)
  14. Stitch the food/water bowl to page (I stitched along the sides/bottom using a running stitch) then stitch “food” and “water” onto the bowl using a satin stitch.
  15. Stitch the shovel and toy truck to the sand piece
  16. Stitch the sand to the background of the sandbox, leaving the top right corner open (I again switched to a blanket stitch when I got to the corner and did not stitch it through the sandbox)
  17. Align the front panels of the sandbox to cover the line between the sand and background piece and stitch the sandbox onto the page. When stitching around the background of the sandbox, leave the right hand side and the top left corner open to create two more pockets.

I didn’t take enough pictures while stitching this page together. Unfortunately my whole family was sick and I have just been trying to get this done. A couple of these steps are difficult to explain. If you are confused, in any way, please comment or send me an email and I will try to clarify, to the best of my ability.

Easter Egg Hunt Quiet Book Page - Bushes

Easter Egg Hunt Quiet Book Page - Sandbox

I love all the little details in this half of the page, especially the little sand toys.

Easter Egg Hunt Quiet Book Page - Left Side Tree Easter Egg Hunt Quiet Book Page - Treehouse Inside Easter Egg Hunt Quiet Book Page - Right Side Tree

The treehouse is my favorite part of the page. I love how the layers of felt made it really stand out and almost three-dimensional.

Easter Egg Hunt Quiet Book Page - Doghouse

I like the doghouse but if I were to sew another, I would make the doghouse a bit bigger, with a pocket inside, not just behind.

Easter Egg Hunt Quiet Book Page - Both Pages Full

As always, we would love to hear from you! If you used our pattern to create something, please share! We are really excited to see what other people create from our design and will feature you in our reader gallery!

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