Quiet Book: Easter Page 1 of 2

Quiet Book: Easter Page 1 of 2

I know it’s not Easter anymore, I planned on sharing the tutorial (and free pattern!) for this quiet book page before Easter and ran out of time (seems to happen a lot these days.) I really enjoyed making this page so I am sharing it anyway. Just think of it as REALLY early for Easter 2015…

Easter Quiet Book Page Free Pattern - Felt With Love Designs

Hubby drew this page as the left hand side of a two page spread. The right hand side is an Easter egg hunt. This half of the design is meant for storage of the small pieces (the eggs) and for further imaginative play. Lost pieces cause me serious anxiety so I like to include a storage page in all our designs.

Easter Quiet Book Page Left Full

I think the page turned out really cute. I love the little Easter eggs hiding in the basket.

Easter Quiet Book Page Left Basket

I scanned all the pattern pieces together so you get the whole set today instead of having to wait until I post the second page! I will type the instructions for the second page soon as well.

To make your own page you will need:

  • The pattern (and the bow) – [UPDATE: Part two is finished.]
  • Felt (a few different colors for the eggs, blue for the background, green, grey, white, black, light pink, bright pink, bright blue, bright green, yellow, and two shades of brown)
  • Thread to match felt
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Felt glue (if you choose to tack down pieces before sewing)
  • Freezer paper (I highly recommend transferring your patterns this way but use whatever method you are most comfortable with.)

[Note: I have been asked, repeatedly, for more specifics about my favorite crafting supplies so I put together a list for you. You can find it here. I will be adding to the list as I have the time. Please email me with any questions.]

  1. Transfer the pattern to felt using your preferred method (let me know if you would like more info on the easiest way to do this and I will write up a tutorial!)
  2. Cut all the pieces (I included one egg in the pattern. You will need a front and back for each egg desired. I made seven eggs so I cut 14 pieces.)
  3. Sew front/back egg pieces together using a blanket stitch. I used contrasting thread to give it more of an Easter egg look without stitching patterns onto each one. Repeat for as many eggs as you would like to include in your egg hunt.
  4. Position the back of basket and sew down (I machine sewed this because it was quicker and you won’t see any of the edges of this piece in the end.)
  5. Sew the decorative eggs next to the basket (back egg and design first, then the front egg.)
  6. Sew back rim of the basket onto the top of the back basket piece and then the basket handle over it (I used a slightly diagonal stitch over the handle to give it a weaved/braided look but a simple stitch will work fine too)Easter Quiet Book Page Left Handle Step
  7. Add decorative stitching (see picture below) to the back of the basket and to the front piece of the basket. (I added the cross-hatching Hubby drew in his picture to give the basket a little more detail. This step could easily be left out.)Easter Quiet Book Page Left CrossHatch
  8. Position back of bunny into basket, stitch to page. Easter Quiet Book Page Left Bunny Back
  9. Stitch top rim of basket to front of basket piece, skipping the curved edge pieces (these will be sewn to page with the rest of the front piece when creating the pocket.)
  10. Position front basket piece over back basket piece and sew bottom/sides. The curved pieces of the front rim should line up with the back rim on either side of the handle.) Leave the top open to create the pocket for the eggs!
  11. Sew white tummy piece and arms onto bunny’s back piece. (Arms will overlap the top of the basket in front. I stitched this half of the pocket closed so the eggs weren’t swimming in a gigantic pocket. The design could be modified to leave this portion open as well.)
  12. Add the bunny’s facial features to his face then sew face onto back piece (already on page.)Easter Quiet Book Page Left Bunny
  13. Sew strip of grass to page (again, I sewed the grass straight through the basket, closing the bottom part of the pocket. You could easily modify the grass so it doesn’t stitch part of the pocket shut. Although, there is more than enough room for the 7 eggs I used.)
  14. Sew bow onto basket handle and add decorative stitching.Easter Quiet Book Page Left Bow

The bow was not originally part of the design. I finished the page and thought it needed something more. When I posted it for my new friends at The Quiet Book Club, they suggested adding a bow. It really ties (haha!) the page together.

Easter Quiet Book Page Left Full With Eggs

As always, we would love to hear from you! If you used our pattern to create something, please share! We are really excited to see what other people create from our design and will feature you in our reader gallery!

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