Links With Love: 6 Simple Birthday Traditions to Start This Year!

Links With Love: 6 Simple Birthday Traditions to Start This Year!

The internet is FULL of wonderful ideas for making birthdays extra special. When I see a fun idea, I save it to my Birthday Traditions Pinterest board to come back to. This year, I also created a special 3rd birthday board when I was planning for the big day. Most of my inspiration for everything we did on The Monkey’s third birthday can be found between the two of those. I am going to highlight my favorites but check out (and follow!) those boards for more inspiration!

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  • Sprinkle Cookies! – We used this recipe from Simplistically Sassy to bake up some sprinkle filled cookies. I had planned to do these on Monkey’s actual birthday but she and Daddy wanted to celebrate a little early. It ended up working out well because we ran out of time on her actual birthday anyway. Made with these fun heart-shaped sprinkles*, the cookies were delicious and a great teaser for the big day!

  • Cake Batter Sprinkle Pancakes! – I found this recipe, from How Sweet Eats, last year for Monkey’s second birthday and it was excellent so I used the same one this year. There are millions of similar recipes out there but we love this one. Topped with candles (I am a sucker for the number candles*), these make the perfect start to birthday morning!

  • Sprinkle Cupcakes – I found this recipe, from Brown Eyed Baker,  for sprinkle cupcakes from scratch and was going to make them but didn’t think I would have enough time. We ended up using a box of white cake mix and adding our own sprinkles instead, topped with pink buttercream frosting. Next year, I would love to try these from scratch!

  • Birthday Crown – I shared a lot of my favorites in the birthday crown post. We have made crowns for our Monkey the last two years in a row and it’s a lot of fun! We made ours from felt but the options are endless here as well. You could make a simple one from construction paper or pipe cleaner or a more elaborate one from felt, lace, and gems. Check out my birthday crown Pinterest board for even more ideas!

  • Balloons! – What kid doesn’t love balloons?! Whether you fill them with air or helium, they are so much fun and easily add to the festivity. Last year, we blew up a bunch of balloons the night before Monkey’s birthday, snuck into her room early in the morning, and piled them into her room. This year, we blew up a million balloons and turned our living room into a ball pit so Monkey woke up and came out to a sea of balloons. (She would go nuts for these Frozen balloons*! I think I know what we are getting next year!)




  • Photo Shoot – You don’t have to have special camera equipment or a professional to take fun pictures of the birthday boy/girl. I took all of the birthday photos of our Monkey myself, using my iPhone, and I love the way they came out. Browsing Pinterest reveals millions of birthday photo ideas. I picked out a few of my favorite, a few of which I would still like to capture. Make a list of ideas, pick out a few photo props*, get dressed up, and choose a fun outdoor spot!

Loved this idea. Next year, I might try to find some wooden letters to work with. We just cut ours from cardstock this year.

I loved the idea of incorporating their favorite stuffie. Now that I’m thinking about this, I wish I had brought Monkey’s rainboots. She has worn those nonstop since she got them. Those would be another great prop.

Love this idea. Great way to capture the new birthday shoes too.

Monkey just learned to do this. Have yet to capture it but it would be fun to have a photo like this every year.

What are your birthday traditions? Do you have anything to add to the list? We would love to hear your suggestions as well!!

I am constantly adding to our boards on Pinterest so follow us there for more ideas!



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