Another Year, Another Birthday Crown

Another Year, Another Birthday Crown

Our little monkey’s third birthday is fast approaching!! We have been hard at work planning birthday fun and designing the latest crown for our self-proclaimed princess. [Update: See our birthday celebration fun here.]

Felt Birthday Crown Title

Hubby came up with this idea entirely on his own. I only threw in my two cents on issues relevant to what is/is not possible in the physical sewing of the crown. I really love how the crown turned out and I think The Monkey will love it too!

Felt Birthday Crown Front Felt Birthday Crown Back

To make the crown, I took Hubby’s sketch and created a pattern from it, cut the pieces from felt, and laid them out. I started with the portion I knew would be hardest, the rainbow trailing from the star. I had the most difficulty with the long strips of color streaming from the bottom of the star. Lining up the strips of color behind the cut-out and making sure the tiny strip of white was sewn in the right place took a lot of time and patience.

Felt Birthday Crown Rainbow Zoom

The smaller cut-out trails of color look difficult but they actually sewed up pretty quick after working out the larger sections.

Felt Birthday Crown Small Inlay Zoom

The star was the easiest. I opted to cut the 3 out of the star and put the pink (sparkly) felt behind. I then sewed the star in its spot on the top of the crown.

Felt Birthday Crown Star Zoom

Before sewing the front panel of the crown to the back, I thought it needed a little extra. Last minute, I decided to sew small, silver, sparkly beads in a random pattern throughout the white base of the crown. The Monkey loves all things sprinkle and sparkle so I knew she would love the added touch. The little beads resemble stars and make the crown look more like a cloud.

Felt Birthday Crown Left Zoom

Last, I blanket-stitched the front panel to the plain, white back panel, measured to make sure it would fit The Monkey’s head, and sewed the two ends together.

Felt Birthday Crown Right Zoom Felt Birthday Crown Right Back Felt Birthday Crown

Now, I just need to sew together a magic wand to match and I’m finished! That should happen quite a bit faster. I’m hoping to finish it tonight.

Don’t forget to check out the crown we made last year for more inspiration! Looking back at last year’s pictures, it’s AMAZING to see how much she has grown! She now loves to wear last year’s crown and will probably be much more thrilled about our latest creation! We plan to “retire” each crown when we make the new one and save them to display at a later birthday. We are undecided on what to do with our collection at that point though. Suggestions? We would LOVE to hear them!

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