Links With Love: Toddler-Friendly Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Links With Love: Toddler-Friendly Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

We enjoy carving pumpkins together as a family every year. Hubby is great at drafting up whatever design we want. This year, The Monkey is at a stage where she wants to be involved in everything we do. This sent me on a search for some pumpkin decorating ideas that don’t involve knives so she can participate in the festivities as well. Here are some of the ideas I came across for toddlers (and a few others alternatives to carving I thought were neat.)

Links With Love Toddler Friendly Pumpkin Decorating

  •  Giver’s Log – Lite Brite pumpkin! How COOL!! This is PERFECT for The Monkey! Off to find some lite brite pegs…

  • Young House Love – Tape-resist pumpkin painting. This looks fun and they turned out great!

  • Play Trains – Pumpkins and train tracks! Another great idea!

  • The Imagination Tree – Alphabet pumpkin using foam stickers. The Monkey would love this one too!

Check out their sparkly pumpkins (below) too!

  • Life With Moore Babies – Melted crayon-dripped pumpkins. The Monkey is probably still too young for something like this but they look neat!

  • Mama Smiles – Sharpie pumpkins. Less messy than paint!

  • Mr. Kate – Jewel encrusted pumpkins. The Monkey would love these although, I would have to find a way to do it without the hot glue gun.

Links With Love Creative Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

  •  A Night Owl – Neon paint dipped pumpkins. These look neat!

  • Spoonful – Bat pumpkins similar to the spider above and just as cute. A black cat would make a cute addition to the bunch.

  • Crafty Nest – Pumpkins carved with a drill. Love the patterns. So many options…

These yarn Jack ‘o Lanterns look pretty fun too!

Or Monster pumpkins that would be fun for kids.

  • Country Living – Painted Pumpkin City. An interesting combination of painting and carving.

  • Bulb in Blue – Death Star pumpkin. Hubby made me include this one for all you Star Wars fans out there (and I’m pretty sure, just met his challenge for this year’s pumpkin.) Somehow Star Wars finds its way into every holiday around here. Star Wars pumpkins are no surprise.

  • delicious by dre – Superhero painted pumpkins. Pretty sure these would be a hit in our house too.

Now, I can’t wait to get our pumpkins and start decorating!! We hope these ideas helped inspire you! Please share your pumpkin decorating ideas with us as well! We are always exited to hear from you!

Only 13 days until Halloween!