DIY Halloween Costume Ideas {Links With Love}

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I searched the web for some fun DIY Halloween Costume ideas in an attempt to find something original to make. I really wanted to make The Monkey a costume this year but feel I just don’t have the time it would take. Maybe next year. My top choice for her costume is Boo from Monsters Inc. I haven’t seen Monsters University but after remembering it came out this year, I decided “Monsters” might be a little overdone this year.

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas - Links With Love - Felt With Love Designs

Back to reality…I have spent some time searching for do-it-yourself costume ideas in an attempt to come up with something and thought I would share some with you. I found enough Star Wars and Where the Wild Things Are costumes to create an entire post dedicated to each. Hah!

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I’ve used a mix of DIY and store bought Halloween costumes over the years. Monkey’s first three years, I bought the soft, fleece Carters Halloween costumes. I wish they came in bigger sizes! They are great quality, adorable, and reasonably priced. I wish they had the unicorn when she was that small!

DIY Sheriff Callie Halloween Costume

For her fourth Halloween, I made a Sheriff Callie Halloween costume. This was probably my favorite. There are tutorials in the post for most of the components of the costume. I even made the Sparky Hobby Horse!

DIY Rainbow Dash Halloween Costume

For her fifth Halloween, I made a Rainbow Dash Halloween costume. She has long since grown out of the bodysuit (we used it for PJs after Halloween) but she still uses the various components of the costume for dress-up.

I don’t have a good picture to share, but, for her seventh Halloweens, we bought a Batgirl costume. I did add some pockets to the belt and sewed some batarangs, at her request. But, that was the extent of my DIY that year. I will throw together a quick tutorial on those soon.

Here are some of my favorite DIY costumes, most complete with tutorials. Enjoy!

  • Hugs Are Fun – DIY your own adorable Care Bear costume (I especially love the ears!) and a super fun Link costume (the sword they made is incredible!)

  • Imagine Our Life – Once again. She came up with a pretty incredible robot costume for her son and posted a lengthy tutorial showing you step-by-step how to create your own! I wish I could come up with something like that off the top of my head! Be sure to check out the train engineer costume she made last year and the Brobee (little green monster) costume from the year before. They are both pretty cool as well!

  • Rust and Sunshine – A tutorial and free pattern for a dire wolf pup complete with a “Winter is coming” treat bucket. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, like we are, you will love this one! If not, it’s still a really cute wolf pup costume! Check out her great dinosaur costume as well!

  • Repeat Crafter Me – Where’s Waldo!?! This costume is awesome. She provides a crochet pattern for the hat but if you can’t crochet, I’m sure there are other creative ways to come up with a hat for Waldo!

  • The Nesting Spot – Little Red Riding Hood. She doesn’t provide a complete tutorial but explains enough of what she did that it wouldn’t be difficult to recreate something similar.

  • Freshly Completed – The Big Bad Wolf. Simple yet awesome plus a free template for the mask!

  • Max Costume on Etsy – This isn’t a tutorial but, given my previously mentioned love of Where the Wild Things Are, I couldn’t leave it out. LOVE this costume!

  • Juicy Bits – Monster costume. There isn’t a tutorial for this one either. She said she combined patterns for a panda and a dinosaur to create this one. I absolutely love this…and the fabric she used!

  • Running With Scissors – Ewok! This costume is adorable, definitely one of the best Star Wars costumes I came across. She made a pretty cute Max costume too. Again, there isn’t a tutorial for this one but it’s too cute not to mention!

  • Tried and True – Wild Things! More, I know, but these are too cute! [Unfortunately, the photos on her site are no longer working.]

Have you sewn your child a Halloween costume? I would love to see it! Join the FWLD Facebook group to share things you’ve sewn from our patterns and discuss other sewing fun! I also pin photos of DIY Halloween costumes to the “Halloween Costumes” Pinterest Board.

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DIY Halloween Costume Ideas - Links With Love - Felt With Love Designs

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