Links With Love: DIY Toy Car Activities

Links With Love: DIY Toy Car Activities

As promised, I have a list of car-related activities, including a few that inspired the felt roads (pictured below, in case you missed our original post) we created! I loved playing with toy cars growing up and The Monkey has started to show an interest in our basket of cars as well so I began a search for activities that combine toy cars with learning. There are SO MANY ideas out there that this list could go on forever. The following are a few of my favorites but I may have to do a second (and maybe third!) part to this post to really encompass all my favorites!

felt roads 6 felt roads 4

  • While He Was Napping – She shows how to make a set of felt road pieces using black felt and yellow puffy paint

  • Lil Mop Top – These are similar to the felt roads except she repurposed old jeans for her road pieces and painted on the yellow lines. Great idea!

  • Picklebums – A set of printable roads in case you don’t have the time to cut all those pieces out of felt!

  •  Making Learning Fun – A collection of printable roads in the shape of the alphabet (both upper and lower case). There is also a set of printable road shapes and printable road numbers. These are great ideas for teaching letters, shapes, and numbers but the roads are pretty narrow in comparison with matchbox cars. I Heart Crafty Things has a great idea for using the letter shaped printable roads for name writing practice.

  • Homemade by Jill – I would love to make a similar playmat. Her version is gorgeous!

  • Homemade by Jill – She also has a partially felt version of the popular car rolls. I love the numbered pockets, sneaking a little counting practice in!

  • Fiskars Craft – Another cute car playmat idea. I love the pockets to store the cars on the side!

  • Nenna and Barley – Another cute car playmat. This one closes like a drawstring bag so the cars can be stored directly inside and it’s easy to toss in a purse on the way out the door.

  • No Time For Flashcards – [Sidenote: This is one of my FAVORITE blogs. She has excellent tips and ideas for making learning fun for children!] This is a great version using things you probably already have at home! She cut construction paper and covered it with contact paper to keep it durable. This is something older children could easily help create!


  • Kids Activities Blog – This is another awesome idea using things you probably have at home. I love how the combination of the stairs and the folders makes the scene three dimensional.


  • JDaniel4’s Mom – A great idea for using toy cars to help learn colors! A great activity that can be thrown together without too much prep time!

  • PetitBebeCreatioNZ – These car rolls are adorable. There are so many different versions out there. I love these with the little portion of road built in!

  • Sewing Novice – Another version of the car roll. Love the fabric she used and the little name tag! So cute! (these all have a few unique features, it’s hard to pick a favorite!) I am currently brainstorming a way to combine these car rolls with our felt roads! Hmmmm…

  • My Happy Hobbies – Takes the car roll idea a step further with a car wallet! This is so cute! There is even a pocket to store a few cards or other goodies.

  • Toddler Approved – A great activity using toy cars for matching colors and learning patterns! (And a free template to download!)

  • Love and Lollipops – Another great color matching activity. I like the way this one combines the roads with color matching. I am considering making a “parking lot” similar to this to go with our felt roads!

  • Between Three Sisters – A free printable car mat for use with toy cars. She stuck hers in a sheet protector and used it with a tray in the car for a road trip. What a great idea! I need to find a tray like that for our car. That would come in really handy.

  • Better Homes and Gardens – A tutorial on how to make the COOLEST outdoor racetrack for toy cars! Would LOVE to make one of these!

  • Imagine Our Life – [Another one of my FAVORITE blogs] Wall art made from toy cars?! Awesome idea! She also had the spectacular idea of painting cars with nail polish to get the colors she needed but didn’t have. That might come in handy when doing the color matching activities. Now that I think of it, some of our cars could probably use a paint job…

Those are just a few of the MANY toy car activity ideas out there. Hopefully these will help give you some more inspiration for a project of your own. I know I have a million more ideas floating around to build off of The Monkey’s love of toy cars and to add to our felt road set.

Have you made something similar? Or seen some more examples you think I should have included? I would love to see them! Comment below with links or email us!