Pinterest Projects: Felt Road Set (Tutorial and Free Pattern!)

Pinterest Projects: Felt Road Set (Tutorial and Free Pattern!)

I saw this project in a couple different places on Pinterest awhile ago (I will share some of my inspiration in a few days) and added it to my enormous “want to do” list. We have a basket full of old matchbox cars (some were saved from when I was a kid!) and a collection of Little People Wheelies. The Monkey has shown an increased interest in playing with cars lately so I thought this would be the perfect project for her.

felt roads 1

Again, I enlisted Hubby to draft up a pattern from which I could cut out my shapes. He used one of the Little People Wheelies as his guide so the roads can be used with both the Wheelies and the matchbox cars. We wanted to keep things fairly simple so he only drafted 3 designs (and a mirrored version of the fork.) From these four pieces (straight, quarter circle curve, left fork, and right fork), we can build any number of configurations!

felt roads 2

Supplies I used:

  • The Pattern
  • Black felt (I used stiffened black, glittery felt because I thought it looked most like asphalt but you can use any type you want. The number of sheets you need depends on how many of each section of road you want to make. Each sheet of felt is enough for either 2 straight pieces, one fork piece, or one curve. To start, we made 1 of each fork piece, 6 straight, and 6 curves which totals 11 sheets of felt.)
  • Golden yellow felt (I have seen the road stripes done any number of ways. I chose to use felt for mine but you could also paint them on or draw them on with puffy paint.)
  • Felt glue
  • Scissors
  • Thread to match yellow felt
  • Needle

To make the road pieces:

  1. Transfer pattern to felt. (I traced Hubby’s drawing to freezer paper and ironed it onto the felt but you can use any method you are comfortable with.)
  2. Cut out felt pieces.
  3. Glue yellow stripes to center of black road pieces.
  4. Let dry
  5. Optional: Stitch yellow stripes to road pieces (I used a very thin layer of glue and sewed my stripes down to the roads but you could easily skip this step and just glue down the stripes.)
  6. Play!

After cutting the curved pieces, I realized I had enough felt left on the sheet to make a smaller straight piece.

felt roads - curve cut

The scrap felt (top piece) in the above picture is just wide enough to cut another straight piece. This smaller straight piece is an inch or so shorter than the other straight pieces but I wanted to use as much of the felt as possible so we ended up with the six of the intended straight pieces and six shorter straight pieces. More building fun!

felt roads 3

I love the way the glitter felt actually looks like asphalt! The pieces are cute and very durable. We made them a little on the bigger side but they are still a perfect activity for quiet play at home or for grabbing on the way to a relative’s house.

felt roads 4

Now, I just need to figure out how to store them!

felt roads 5

felt roads 6

We hope you enjoy our pattern! If it inspires you to create something of your own, we would love to see it! Leave a link in the comments or send us an email with your pictures. Coming up, we will be highlighting our reader’s creations using our designs and we would love to feature you!