Links With Love: Birthday Crowns

Links With Love: Birthday Crowns

For my next collection of projects from around the web, I wanted to share some birthday crown ideas. Hubby (who doesn’t use Pinterest) designed our daughter’s crown  (pictured below, in case you missed our original post) entirely from his mind (and a little of my input.) While researching for this post, I learned there are millions of these crowns out there. I never realized it was such a popular thing! Long story short, here are a few of my favorites. I did my best to keep this post a reasonable length but it was hard to narrow down the choices!

finished crown crown final

  •  Disney Baby – This is the crown that most inspired the crown we made. I am not a huge fan of fluff so I didn’t ask Hubby to draw flowers to put on ours. I really loved the cut out feature of this crown. I also like the grey but Hubby requested ours to be more colorful!

  • The Rice Babies – This is easily my FAVORITE out of all the crowns I have seen while browsing for this post (and I have looked at A LOT of birthday crowns.) Where the Wild Things are has a special place in my heart. It was my favorite book growing up and will always make me happy. I am DEFINITELY making The Monkey one of these as soon as I find some fabric for Max, I don’t think I can wait until her 3rd birthday! I could just use white felt but that fabric really adds to the crown!

  • Let ‘Em Be Little on Etsy – The Hungry Caterpillar is another favorite book from my childhood. I love this crown! This would make an excellent birthday present paired with the adorable Hungry Caterpillar felt board from Imagine Our Life!

  • Forever Love – I love the simplicity of this crown and I really like the star. It would look cute in some other pastel colors too, although the grey-blue gives it a dreamy feel that I really like.

  • Hippos & Dinosaurs – I love the colors she uses (there are several more versions on her blog) and she provides a tutorial with a free pattern to make your own!

  • Tickly Moo – I like the unique use of ribbon on this crown that gives it a bit more texture. She has quite a few different styles on her blog and in her store.


  • Felt Like Celebrating on Etsy – I love the cut out name idea and the rainbow with the basic white crown. She offers an array of colors but this selection is my favorite.

  • Craftiness is not Optional – Another simple crown. I like the combination of small, simple flowers and jewels. It’s sweet and simple, not flashy and obnoxious. She also leads you through a tutorial.

  • Hello Bee – This is a tutorial for an almost no sew crown using adhesive to stick two pieces of felt together and just sewing up the seam. These would be a quick, throw-together-last-minute option.

  • Craft Quickies – I had to include a princess-y crown in here somewhere. The embellishments allow for a great deal of customizing to suit your own desires. She also leads you through a tutorial complete with a free pattern!

  •  Paper and Cloth – Another sweet, simple design. I love the star beads used on these!! 

  • easybakeandrea on Etsy – [I couldn’t find a blog associated with this one. I found the photo on Pinterest but the shop is now closed.] I love the finger puppets in the pockets, making this crown a little more interactive for the little ones. It also doesn’t hurt the crown is Star Wars themed and I am doomed to being a Star Wars nerd by association.

  • Cutesy Crafts – Cutesy Crafts has two crowns with unique features and I couldn’t chose just one! The first is another of my favorites. I love the simple cut out hearts and the color choice. The Monkey’s next one might be similar (after the Max crown, of course!) The second is not as much my style but I loved the idea of having interchangeable numbers to use again year after year. As she mentions in her post, it would make a great gift. She also offers free patterns for princess crowns and superhero masks that are pretty cute.

  • Disney Baby – Here is a similar round up of birthday crowns, including some MUCH simpler, no sew versions.

Those are just a few of the MANY birthday crown ideas out there. Hopefully these will help give you some more inspiration for a project of your own. I know we have many ideas floating around for making another birthday crown next year!

Have you made something similar? Or seen some more examples you think I should have included? I would love to see them! Comment below with links or email us!