Quiet Book: Dinosaur Shapes

Quiet Book: Dinosaur Shapes

I came up with the design for this quiet book page from a printable matching game I found on Pinterest awhile ago. I came across this dinosaur shape matching game one day and immediately fell in love with it. When I found it the download was available for free and, unfortunately, it is no longer free. I have always loved dinosaurs so I instantly knew I wanted to use it for something. I downloaded a copy and it sat on my computer, unused, for a couple months.

Dinosaur Shape Matching Printable {Yellow Mums}

I needed a quick idea to throw together while Hubby put the finishing touches on some sketches for our next project so I printed out a copy of this game and started designing my layout.

dino shapes - rt page

dino shapes - lt page

The idea is pretty simple. The magnetic pieces start in the shape pockets on the right page.

dino shapes - shapes

dino shapes - pocket

They are taken out and matched with the correct dinosaur on the left page (the dinosaurs each have a magnet inside them.)

dino shapes - dinos with shapes

Once complete, the pieces can then be matched back up with their correct shape pocket. The shape pieces are the exact size of the hole in the dinosaur and the hole in the front of the shape pocket for more matching fun!

dino shapes - shapes in pockets

The colors make the game self-correcting. I thought about switching up the colors a little bit but I didn’t want to make it confusing.

Initially, I was going to have magnets on both sides so the pieces are matched from one side to the other but decided I wanted something a little different on one side. The idea of pockets came to me while thinking of a way to make sure the pieces didn’t get lost.

I am throwing around the idea of stitching the names of each shape below its corresponding pocket but I have not decided yet. I will post an update if I decide to add shape names.

I love the way this page turned out and I can’t wait to give it to The Monkey!



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