Reader Request: Custom Puppy Finger Puppet (Duke)

Reader Request: Custom Puppy Finger Puppet (Duke)

Our first request from a reader! Our very favorite aunt came to us with an extra special request, to design a finger puppet of her “puppy”, Duke. Duke is a wonderfully sweet 150 pound Anatolian Shepherd Dog. He is the biggest, most lovable teddy bear you will ever meet and we all love him very much! So, it’s fitting he is our first custom design!

After receiving the request, Hubby sat down and drafted a few versions of this gentle giant. We bounced our ideas back and forth about what features to include to make him look special and ended with a sketch specific enough that it looks like Duke but generic enough I was still able to cut it from felt. (Ignore the scribble marks on the sketch below. The Monkey was helping Daddy personalize her buddy.)

Duke Sketch

After transferring the sketch to a pattern, I cut the pieces from felt and started arranging his face. The only portion we struggled with was getting his ears just right. He sat earless on the table for a bit while we thought about how to portray his giant, floppy ears.

Earless Felt Duke

Once I decided how I wanted the ears to look, I stitched the finger puppet together, starting with the face. The last piece to go on was the back of the body.

Duke Front

The above picture ¬†doesn’t show the depth in his nose and muzzle because the area is all black. The following picture is a funky angle but allows you to see the various elements that went into his nose/muzzle/black mask.

Duke Side

We had a great time creating Duke from start to finish and sincerely hope his mom likes our rendition as much as we do!

What do you think? How accurately did we portray Duke in felt form? As always, we would love to hear from you! Also, stop by and request a Custom Order if you would like us to make a finger puppet of your dog as well!