Pinterest Projects: Puppy Finger Puppets

Pinterest Projects: Puppy Finger Puppets

I saw these finger puppets on Pinterest and instantly knew The Monkey would love them, given her obsession with dogs! There is no tutorial on the site but the pattern is available for free download! Click on the picture below to get your own copy!

I quickly made all five and have plans to make a few different dogs (including Duke, for those of you who know him!)

Puppy Finger Puppets - Dalm

I had a harder time stitching these together than I thought I would. There is no tutorial on the site but it appears from the pictures they used glue to hold the majority of the pieces together. I hadn’t used glue in any of my felt projects before because I like stitching everything together. I ended up having to use glue sparingly for some smaller pieces so the puppets weren’t too busy.

Puppy Finger Puppets - 3 Puppies

I wanted to use supplies I already had at home so there are pieces that have mismatching thread (the light brown thread on the brown and white dog is the most noticeable) but I kind of like how they turned out anyway.

I also didn’t add tails, although you can’t tell from my pictures. I figured they would just get ripped off during play so I didn’t bother.

In hindsight, I wish I had done something to reinforce the ears on the two with long ears. While they are really cute with their ears flopping, they are not as sturdy as the rest of the body and I fear they will be torn by little two-year-old fingers.

Puppy Finger Puppets - Poodle

Like the aquarium magnets, we also plan to create something to go with the dogs to make them a little more interactive. A dog house to store them, maybe? They definitely need some food and toys! Maybe some kitten friends? The possibilities are endless!

What would you like to see? Do you have suggestions on things we should add to the puppies? Leave a comment at the bottom of this post or visit our Contact Us page to find other ways to get in touch with us!