Pinterest Projects: Aquarium Magnets

Pinterest Projects: Aquarium Magnets

Aquarium Magnets 1

These sea creature magnets were one of the first felt projects I attempted from someone else’s pattern. I stumbled across a picture of these on Pinterest and loved them. I imagined an ocean scene Monkey could play with while we worked in the kitchen. The creation of these magnets spurred the design of a felt Patrick from Spongebob (he is unfinished at the moment but we will post pictures soon). This is still a somewhat unfinished project as I haven’t yet created all of the pieces and I never created a scene for the fridge or dishwasher. She loves to play with them but the simple stitching in the template and the lack of reinforcement in some of the pieces leave them lacking in durability.

Aquarium Magnets 2

I have since thought about incorporating these into a quiet book page for her but will probably have to recreate the creatures to be a bit more durable. Our jellyfish is now missing tentacles. When I redo them, I will include my thoughts on strengthening the design to withstand toddler play.

I really love how these came out. They are adorable and so fun to play with. I can’t wait to add a play scene and some more sea creatures to the set!

Felt Aquarium Magnets {The Purl Bee}

If you would like to try your own version of these magnets, the template is free to download at The Purl Bee. They include a complete material list and step by step instructions, with great pictures, for creating each of the magnets pictured above.

[I have been asked, repeatedly, for more specifics about my favorite crafting supplies so I put together a list for you. You can find it here. I will be adding to the list as I have the time. Please email me with any questions.]

I have also seen many, many different versions of these across the web with different ideas on elements to add and ways to improve upon them. Check back with us for an update on the direction of this project and a collection of ideas across the web!